The Tour

Here’s a quick look at some of the stops you will discover and learn about on your guided theatrical walking tour of Medieval Kilkenny City. The tour itself lasts approximately 70 minutes and departs from Kilkenny Tourist Office Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri @ 4.00pm and Thur @ 3.00pm. Advanced bookings by 3.00pm to secure your place on the tour.

Mayors Walk

Where the Mayors were paraded when elected to the office of Mayor.

The Hole in the Wall

One of Kilkenny’s most famous Inn’s which became a notorious den of iniquity and house of ill repute.

St. Mary’s Church & Graveyard

St. Mary’s Church built in the 13th century and it’s historic graveyard of 400 monuments which became a resting place for some of Kilkenny’s famous Merchants.

The Butter Slip

One of Kilkenny’s most charming slipways built in 1616 connecting old High town with Low Lane.

The Tholsel

Which is the seat of the Borough Council and an Anglo Saxson word meaning a House of Taxes and was nicknamed the Lighthouse due to its landmark Clock Tower.

Market Cross

Built in 1331 where the townspeople would rally together for all manner of entertainment speeches, poets, town criers, theatrical pagents and executions.

Rothe House

Rothe House built in 1594 for John Rothe one of Kilkenny’s most famous Merchant familes who married Rose Archer who owned the Hole in the Wall and had 12 children.

City Walls

The Black Freren Gate and City Walls which is the only surviving entrance gate of the Walled town which was named after the Black Friars of the 1225 Black Abbey.

Black Abbey

Dominican order of priests founded in 1225 and outside the Walled town and serving the citizens of Kilkenny for nearly 800 years.

St. Canices Cathedral

Known as the Kilkenny Cathedral and this site was the site of St. Canice’s ancient monastery in the 6th century the patron saint of Kilkenny. The famous Round Tower dating to 10th century built as a lookout or hideout tower for the monks if been attacked.

St. Francis Abbey

The oldest brewery site in Kilkenny. The Abbey founded in 1234 for the Franciscans and the Smithwicks Brewery founded in 1710.

Courthouse/Old Jail

The Old City Jail in use from 1566 with all the cells still intact. For stealing a loaf of bread you four years in jail

Kytelers Inn

The home to the convicted witch of Kilkenny found guilty for witchcraft in 1324 and the oldest tavern in Kilkenny. Alice was accused of murdering her four husbands.