Take Yourself Back in Time

Experience the Medieval Mile from Kilkenny Castle to St Canices Cathedral

Original Stone & Cobble Streets

The Mediaval Mile through the heart of Kilkenny will take you back in time and will demonstrate what a medieval town would have been like .

There are many historic buildings and features along the narrow winding streets of the old town.

There is a Tourist Information Centre in Shee Alms House, a house that was built around 1581.

On Friary Street, the remains of the old town wall can be seen, dated from 1275. The Old Friary is a very impressive building on this street.

Goresbridge to Graignamanagh

This is a highly recommended walk with some beautiful scenary. The walk along the bank of the river Barrow is very enjoyable with it's wide range of old native Irish trees like Oak, Ash and Birch. There are also many varieties of Evergreen and Spruce and Scots Pine. There are many beautiful birds like the swans and the Herring, along with animals like the Pine Martin, Red and Grey Squirells and Otters. Level - Easy

Graignamanagh to St Mullins

This is a continuation of this fabulous walk and is about 5Km in length. The walk begins on the Tinnahinch side of the bridge in Graig and continues along the widing banks of the barrow. There is a wide array of wildlife to be seen including the Ducks and Swans and many other fascinating birds. There is a lovely Cafe in St Mullins, which opens seasonly, where you can enjoy a nice Coffee at the end of the walk.

St Mullins, Co. Carlow

St. Mullins is steeped in history and takes it's name from the monk St. Moling who settled here and is said to have built a man made stream to power his Mill. The remains of the old Mills and a Round Tower can be seen here. There is also the remains of an old Norman Motte and Bailey.

The Kavanaghs would have been a famous and well known family from the area. Strongbow married a daughter of Dermot MacMurrough Kavanagh in Dublin in 1170, in order to strengthen their alliance.

There are beautiful views of Brandon Hill across the river Barrow from St. Mullins. Brandon Hill is the highest peak in County Kilkenny.

There are many must see Gardens in the South East.Three of my favourite are listed below

  1. Altamont Gardens, Ballon Co. Carlow
  2. Woodstock Gardens, Inistioge Co. Kilkenny
  3. The Colclough Walled Gardens, Tintern Co.Wexford

The Colclough Walled Gardens are a fantastic example of a Victorian period garden that has been fully restored to it's former glory. There is amazing colour on display all year around and an amazing variety of Fruit Trees, shrubs and plants.

The gardens are located just beside the very impressive Tintern Abbey at Bannow Bay.